Our well-defined valuation process ensures the right approach and methodologies are employed to best suit the situation and valuation purpose. Upon completion, each valuation is explained to our clients and associated advisors to ensure a thorough understanding of the conclusions, confirm accuracy and enable the report to be fully utilized for the intended purpose.

We have many years of experience analyzing business operations and historical financial data to create a well-reasoned, fully documented and defensible valuation opinion. Our valuation considers all aspects of a business including tangible and intangible assets, financial condition, operating efficiencies, the industry and economic environment.

Support - Our analyses are prepared under the assumption that there will be scrutiny; accordingly, the utmost care is taken to maintain and document the data supporting our work.

Independence - In this era of renewed focus on corporate governance and investor demand for increased corporate transparency, Patten Thiebaud provides services without conflict.

Proactive Project Management - Patten Thiebaud LLC focuses on constant communication so as to increase efficiency, to avoid surprises, and to proactively "push" the project to the finish line, on time, and within budget.

Advisors - Our valuation professionals exhibit keen business savvy and entrepreneurialism to add value to our clients. We constantly evaluate the appropriateness of the project scope relative to a cost-benefit comparison.

Our business valuation services include:

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